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Global Voice Playlist 12/25/11

This is the 2-hour abbreviated show prepared special each week for The Global Voice, an online station presented primarily by blind program hosts, featuring a variety of music shows as well as programs of specific interest to the blind.  My 2-hour show is based on content from my 3-hour show from a week or two prior and is pre-recorded.  This version is heard every Sunday at 4 pm e.s.t. and usually repeats Monday at 10 pm e.s.t.    The archived version is available each week here:


This show aired on Christmas day:


BARBARA KESSLER - New Me - What You Keep - Self


MARC GUNN - Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song - Single - Mage Records

ROY ZIMMERMAN - Christmas On Mars - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel - Yellow Tail Records

(Global Voice Holiday Greeting in Brazilian Portuguese - Shawn Klein)

5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Department Store Santa Claus Strike - A Window Shopper's Christmas - 1-800-PRIME CD

SEYMORE SWINE & THE SQUEALERS - Blue Christmas - Christmas Novelty Classics - Master Classics Records


CHRISTINE LAVIN & THE ACCIDENTALS - When You're Single At Christmastime - Christmas Angel - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel - Yellow Tail Records

ERIK FRANDSEN - Christmas In Brooklyn - Christmas Angel - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel - Yellow Tail Records

SALLY FINGERETT - Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Talkin' Blues - Christmas Angel - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel - Yellow Tail Records

CHUCK BRODSKY - On Christmas I Got Nothing - Radio - Red House


HUGH BLUMENFELD - Long Haired Radical Socialist Jew (The Gospel Song) - Rocket Science - 1-800-PRIME CD

Y'ALL - Christmastime In The Trailer Park - Single - Self

BILL MONROE - Christmas Time's A-Coming - Bluegrass 1950-58 - Bear Family

(Happy Holidays From The Global Voice - Chrissie Cochrane)

CHICKENS - Jingle Bells - Unknown


ILENE WEISS - Talkin' To The Wrong Guy - Weiss Christmas - Gadfly Records

MARK BRINE - Mrs. Santa - The Carol And The True Legend Of Jack Frost - KJK Records

GREGG CAGNO - Ode To Mrs. Claus' Joy - Tales From Sixth & Clinton - Zesty Records

(Global Voice ID with Slogan - Karel Fialka)

JACK HARDY, WENDY BECKERMAN, EDDY LAWRENCE, GREG ANDERSON - Home For The Holidays - Fast Folk Live At The Botton Line, 1992 - Fast Folk


DAR WILLIAMS - The Christians And The Pagans - Mortal City - Razor & Tie

ALICIA MCGOVERN - The Holly And All - Words Through The Seasons - Self

THE BAND - Christmas Must Be Tonight - To Kindom Come - Capitol

ANTJE DUVEKOT - Thanks For The Roses (Merry Christmas) - Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged - Market Monkeys


SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - The Bob Dylan Christmas Special Parody

(Happy Holidays From The Global Voice - Jorgen Hansson)

JEFF DANIELS - Won't You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus? - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel - Yellow Tail Records

ERIK FRANDSEN & GEORGE GERDES - Scary Christmas - Fast Folk

(Happy Holidays From The Global Voice - Keao Wright)

SUSAN MCKEOWN & LINDSEY HORNER - Through The Bitter Frost & Snow - The Song Poets: Prime CD's Fifth Anniversary Collection - 1-800-PRIME CD

MARK BRINE - The Carol (aka THe Christmas Carol No One Listens For) - The Carol And The True Legend Of Jack Frost - KJK Records


CRAIG WERTH - Beside The Tree - Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 5 - Hudson Harding

ROY SCHNEIDER - Love For Giving - Single - Shiny Gnu

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)


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