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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Global Voice Playlist 2/5/12

This is the 2-hour abbreviated show prepared special each week for The Global Voice, an online station presented primarily by blind program hosts, featuring a variety of music shows as well as programs of specific interest to the blind.  My 2-hour show is normally based on content from my 3-hour show from a week or two prior and is pre-recorded, though this week was built around an older show put together last August. This version is heard every Sunday at 4 pm e.s.t. and usually repeats Monday at 10 pm e.s.t.    The archived version is available each week here:


DRIFTWOOD FIRE - Turn On The Radio - How To Untangle A Heartache - Self


CATIE CURTIS - 100 Miles - Hello, Stranger - Compass

KYLE CAREY - Virginia - Monongah - Self

NATHAN BELL - Wherein Crow Lives A Long Life And Then Drives Off The Road -
Black Crow Blue - Stone Barn

JAY LINDEN - Goin' Home - Jay's Living Room - Self


BARB RYMAN - Take - Catch The Sunset - Renegade

GILLIAN WELCH - Silver Dagger - The Harrow & The Harvest - Acony

(Honey Dewdrops ID for Out of the Woods)

THE HONEY DEWDROPS - Way Back When - These Old Roots - Self

THE STEEL WHEELS - Long Way To Go - Red Wing - Self


THE 23 STRING BAND - Cripple Creek - Catch 23 - Self

NEW COUNTRY REHAB - Train '45 - New Country Rehab - PID

DEHLIA LOW - $40 Chain - Ravens & Crows - Rebel Records

DOWNTOWN RAMBLERS - After We're Gone - On The Other Side Of The City - DTR
Music Production


RED JUNE - Run Around - Remember Me Well - Red June Records

NELL ROBINSON - I'm A Honky Tonk Girl - On The Brooklyn Road - Red Level


BLUE HIGHWAY - Nobody's Fault But Mine - Sounds Of Home - Rounder

THE EMMITT-NERSHI BAND - Wait Until Tomorrow - New Country Blues - Sci


THE DEVIL MAKES THREE - Cheap Reward - Do Wrong Right - Milan Records

DAVID WAX MUSEUM - Unfruitful - Everything Is Saved - Self

BROWN BIRD - Bilgewater - The Sound Of Ghosts - Supply & Demand

THE RED SEA PEDESTRIANS - Downstream - The Electromagnetic Escape - Hey

Burner! Records


JERRY GARCIA & DAVID GRISMAN - Blue Yodel #9 - Been All Around This World -
Acoustic Disc

LEVON HELM - The Girl I Left Behind - Dirt Farmer - Vanguard

HOT TUNA - Vicksburg Stomp - Steady As She Goes - Red House

NIKKI MATHESON - Your Love For My Tears - Invisible Angel - Self


DANA ROBINSON - Midnight Salvage - Midnight Salvage - Alcazar

SARAH MCQUAID - In The Pines - I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning - Self

(Donal Hinely ID for Out of the Woods)

DONAL HINELY - Haze Gray - The Famous Rocket Cage - Atom Records

DONAL HINELY - Flesh And Bone - The Famous Rocket Cage - Atom Records

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)

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