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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playlist 8/10/12

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic music which airs every Friday from 6 to 9 pm e.s.t. locally, and is syndicated on The Global Voice, a station run primarily by blind program hosts, and aimed at bringing together the blind and sighted communities ( - Sundays at 5 pm e.s.t.,  repeating at 11 pm on Mondays), and also on BOB-FM (, Sundays at 6 am e.s.t.)
The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

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DELLA MAE - Bowling Green - I Built This Heart - Self


ROGER & JD WILLIAMS - Fifty Flamewood - Williams Squared - Happy Appy

THE LONESOME RIVER BAND - Perfume, Power And Lead - Chronology Volume 2 - Rural Rhythm

LOU REID & CAROLINA - Blew Monday - Callin' Me Back Home - KMA Records

ROBERT HALE - You're Wrong - Pure & Simple - Pinecastle Records


FLYNN COHEN - Dougie's Trip To Heaven - Fierce Modal - Self

TRIP MCCOOL - The Poteen Man - The Traveler - Thinking Dog Records

TIM READMAN & JENNIE BICE - Ballad Of Cursed Anna - Out Of The Green - Big City

NAMING THE TWINS - Dry Land - Sweet Transitions - Duet Right Records


STEVE SPURGIN - If I Never See Ireland Again - Folk Remedies - Blue Night Records

(Sarah McQuaid ID for Out of the Woods)

SARAH MCQUAID - In Derby Cathedral - The Plum Tree And The Rose - Waterbug

ROSE COUSINS - If I Should Fall Behind - We Have Made A Spark - Old Farm Pony Records

BARBARA KESSLER - What Would I Do - What You Keep - Purple Turtle Music

SOFIA TALVIK - Circle Of Friends - The Owls Are Not What They Seem - Makaki Music


SUZANNE MCDERMOTT - The Roswell Incident - The Roswell Incident (EP) - Rosema Red Records

LAURIE MCCLAIN - Somewhere In Kentucky - Ascend - Kindred Voices

GOPHER BROKE BLUEGRASS - Just Below The Notch - Caledonia County - Self

RIK PALIERI - Marfa Lights - Lost In American Dreams - Koza


MARIEL VANDERSTEEL - On The Danforth - Hickory - Self

JIMMY GAUDREAU & MOONDI KLEIN - Home From The Mills - Home From The Mills - Rebel Records

RICHARD BENNETT - Don Quixote - Last Train From Poor Valley - Lonesome Day Records

AUDIE BLAYLOCK & REDLINE - Newton's Grove - Hard Country - Rural Rhythm


ANDREW MCKNIGHT & BEYOND BORDERS - Dancing In The Rain - One Virginia Night - Falling Mountain Music

RACHEL HARRINGTON - Hippie In My House - Makin' Our House A Honky Tonk - Skinnydennis Records

WILLIE NELSON - The Sound Of Your Memory - Heroes - Legacy

TOWNES VAN ZANDT - Pancho & Lefty - A Far Cry From Dead - Arista Nashville

BILL MORRISSEY - As Long As The Sun - You'll Never Get To Heaven - Philo


JON BROOKS - Visiting Day - Delicate Cages - Borealis Records

BETHEL STEELE - Hard Love - Of Love And Whiskey - Self

HARDIN BURNS - Underbelly Blues - Lounge - Ithaca Records

ANTJE DUVEKOT - Into The City - New Siberia - Pantjebare Publishing


I DRAW SLOW - Honeymoon - Redhills - Pinecastle Records

MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Learning The World - Ashes And Roses - Rounder

ANNIE GALLUP - Movies - Little Five Points - Waterbug

MOORS & MCCUMBER - Caged Bird - Gravity - Self


NEAL & LEANDRA - The Joy That Is You - A Hundred Years From Now - Uncle Gus Music

BUCKY HALKER & ANDY DEE - Woody Guthrie's Union - The Ghost Of Woody Guthrie - Self

GEORGE MANN - Bread And Roses - Patience In These Times - Running Scared Productions

THE TWANGTOWN PARAMOURS - Flowers When You're Dead - The Promise Of Friday Night - Inside Edge Records


ANDREW & NOAH BAND - White Crane - Andrew & Noah Band - Great Bear

PESKY J. NIXON - Look At Miss Ohio - Red Ducks - Self

THE HARD ROAD TRIO - Family Secrets - Monticello - Desert Night Music

THE HONEY DEWDROPS - It's Hard To Pray - Silver Lining - Self

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)

'Out of the Woods' is an independently-produced music
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