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Friday, September 27, 2013

Playlist 9.27/13

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic music which airs live every Friday from 6 to 9 pm e.s.t. locally, and is syndicated on The Global Voice, a station run primarily by blind program hosts, and aimed at bringing together the blind and sighted communities, - Sundays at 4 pm e.s.t.,  (repeating at 10 pm on Mondays),  early Sunday mornings on BOB-FM, on Itunes, Shoutcast, Tunein and, at 6 am e.s.t., and also Boston Free Radio,, Sunday at 7 am e.s.t. The show can also be heard on the airwaves on PineKONE Radio, 100.9 FM, Pine Mountain Club & Bakersfield, CA, Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:30 pm Pacific.
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This week on the show we welcomed the incredibly talented young Boston songstress Jesse Hanson into the studio. Jesse was previously a guest as part of the trio Sol & Kiel, so it was great to have a chance to see her in her own element. We rounded out the show with some great new music and a few favorites.  Here's how it all went down:


VALERIE JUNE - On My Way - Pushin' Against A Stone - Concord


ANDREA TOMASI - Birdflower - Hurricane Dream - Team Love

RUTH MOODY - Trees For Skies - These Wilder Things - Red House

JENNY RITTER - It Is What It Is - Bright Mainland - Self

TIFT MERRITT - To Myself - Traveling Companion - Yep Roc


GUY DAVIS - Statesboro Blues - Juba Dance - M.C.

THE MOSSTINS - Come On In My Kitchen - Hardscrabble - Wild Turkey

ERIC TAYLOR - Francestown - Studio 10 - Blue Ruby

NELL ROBINSON & JIM NUNALLY - Complicated - House & Garden - Self

>>>>>     JESSE HANSON LIVE IN STUDIO     <<<<<
JESSE HANSON - Mr. Anonymous - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - Sojourner Truth - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - Whatever Goes - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - Home To Me - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - Ashokan Farewell - Live In Studio (solo fiddle)
JESSE HANSON - Goat In The House / If I Don't Write This Song My Parents Are Gonna Kill Me - Live In Studio (solo fiddle)
JESSE HANSON - Back To Boston - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - I Know You'd Love It - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - A Sign - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - Everything In Between - Live In Studio (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - The River - Live In Studio (voice and cavaquinho)
JESSE HANSON - Always - Live In Studio (first time ever!) (voice and guitar)
JESSE HANSON - Got Me Lyin' - Live In Studio (first time ever!) (voice and guitar)


SOL & KIEL (with Jesse Hanson) - Circles - Live on Out of the Woods, March 2013

(Weekly concert calendar over 'Waiting For Gordon' by Dana & Susan Robinson)

WILD PONIES - Trouble Looks Good On You - Things That Used To Shine - Ditch Dog

MELISSA FERRICK - Time To Leave - The Truth Is - MPress

MANDOLIN ORANGE - House Of Stone - This Side Of Jordan - Yep Roc

OPERA GUY (and Girl) - Facebook Of The Opera - Trail Mix - PineKone Radio

THE FOUR BITCHIN' BABES - Facebook - Mid Life Vices: A Guilt Free Musical Revue! - Hem and Haw Productions


SILVER LINING - To Be With You - Neoretro - Self

SAM BUSH - Song For Roy - Howlin' At The Moon - Sugar Hill

KEN & BRAD KOLODNER (with Kagey Parrish) - Down On My Knees - Skipping Rocks - Fenchurch Music

HARPETH RISING - Wheelhouse - Tales From Jackson Bridge - Self


COSY SHERIDAN - Too Much Time - Solo Songbook - Self

NEPTUNE'S CAR - Boxcar Betty - Letters From The Road - Self

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)

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