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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Playlist 6/29/14

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic music
which airs live every Thursday from 5 to 8 pm e.s.t. locally, and is also
syndicated on various stations such as The Global Voice, a station run
primarily by blind program hosts, and aimed at bringing together the blind
and sighted communities, - Sundays at 5 pm
e.s.t.,  (repeating at 11 pm on Mondays),  Boston Free Radio,, Sunday at 7 am e.s.t., PineKONE Radio,
100.9 FM, Pine Mountain Club & Bakersfield, CA, Sundays and Wednesdays
at 8:30 pm Pacific,  WYAP-FM in West Virginia (check schedule), and on
the new KXCR-FM in Oregon, Tuesdays at 9 pm, and Wednesday at 7 am.

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

To listen to the archived version of the show online, go here:

For the syndicated version for broadcasters, go here:

A few new releases on the show this week. We finally got our mitts onto a few of the recent Aoife O'Donovan tracks, plus some new stuff from The Yearlings, Hank Woji, and Runa. The Seldom Scene checks in with a new release of old songs, and David Olney goes punk rock... Here's the show:


JOHN MALCOLM PENN - Old Glory - Driftin' River - Blue Night


RED MOLLY - With A Memory Like Mine - The Red Album - Self

T SISTERS - Molasses - Kindred Lines - Spruce and Maple

CARY FRIDLEY - When I Can Read Titles Clear - Rainbow Mist - Juba



PETER ROWAN - Who Will Live - Dharma Blues - Omnivore

GURF MORLIX - Series Of Closin' Doors - Gurf Morlix Finds The Present Tense - Rootball

JOSEPH LEMAY - Call It Quits - Seventeen Acres - Self


AOIFE O'DONOVAN - Beekeeper - Fossils - Yep Roc

KATHY KALLICK - Franco's Spain - Cut To The Chase - Live Oak

CARRIE ELKIN & DANNY SCHMIDT - Swing From A Note - For Keeps - Red House

GLEN ROETHEL (with Penny Nichols) - Blue Canoe - Unfolding - Inspireline


THE SELDOM SCENE (with John Starling) - Wait A Minute - Long Time...Seldom Scene - Smithsonian Folkways

AMY GALLATIN & STILLWATERS - Love Is Not A Flower - Everything I Wanted Love to Be - Happy Appy

THE YEARLINGS - Heart Of It All - All The Wandering - Vitamin

COSY SHERIDAN - Lost And Found - Pretty Bird - Waterbug


LYNDA DAWSON & PATTIE HOPKINS - Blues In My Mind - Traditional Duets - Self

AMERICAN NOMAD - Hallelujah - Country Mile - Spruce and Maple


HANNEKE CASSEL - Dot The Dragon's Eyes - Dot The Dragon's Eyes - Cassel


AFTER JACK - Can't Sing A Sad Song - Echo - Mountain Fever

MARTINA JOHNSSON - Woods Of Pine - Acoustic Rainbow Roots, V. 43 - Acoustic Rainbow

SWEET POTATOES - Every Time - Faith, Good Neighbors And A Telephone -  Sister Trudy's Music

NATALIE MERCHANT - Seven Deadly Sins - Natalie Merchant - Nonesuch

NICKEL CREEK - Where Is Love Now - A Dotted Line - Nonesuch


BRYAN SUTTON - Been All Around This World - Into My Own - Sugar Hill

DANNY ROBERTS - Big Stone Gap - Nighthawk - Mountain Home

PHIL LEADBETTER - There's More Pretty Girls Than One - Slide Effects - Pinecastle

THE GIBSON BROTHERS - Dusty Old World - They Called It Music - Compass

RUNA - The Ruthless Wife - Current Affairs - Self


HANK WOJI - I Ought To Know - The Working Life - Kz

JACK HARDY - I Can't Love You - Omens - 1-800 PRIME CD

ERNEST TROOST - Storm Comin' - O Love - Travelin' Shoes

THE WOOD BROTHERS - Sing About It - The Muse - Southern Ground Artists


THE BUMPER JACKSONS - When I Get Low I Get High - Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In - Self

AMY HERRERA - Broken - Goodnight, Nobody - Self

JOSEPH HUBER - Broken Paddles - The Hanging Road - Muddy Roots

BEN SOLLEE & DANIEL MARTIN MOORE - Wilson Creek - Dear Companion - Sub Pop

THE HOTEL ALEXIS - Hold The Line - Raised On Fire - Broken Sparrow


DAVID OLNEY - Big Blue Hole - When The Deal Goes Down - Deadbeet

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)

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Out of the Woods is an independently-produced,
3 hour mostly acoustic music program heard
weekly on the following radio stations:
Boston Free Radio, Sundays 7:00 am e.s.t                         
The Global Voice, Sundays 5:00 pm e.s.t.
The Global Voice, Monday>Tuesday 10:00 e.s.t.
PineKone Radio 100.9 FM, PMC, CA, Sundays and Wednesdays 8:30 pm p.s.t.
WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia (check schedule)
KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon (check schedule)
WSCS 90.9 FM New Hampshire, Thursdays 5-8 pm

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