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Playlist 12/20/14

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic music produced in Concord, New Hampshire. The show airs weekly on the following national and international FM and online
stations: WSCS-FM in New Hampshire, Saturday at 7 pm e.s.t., The Global Voice,  http://www.theglobalvoice.info- Sundays at 5 pm  e.s.t.,  (repeating at 11 pm on Mondays),  Boston Free Radio, http://bostonfreeradio.com/, Sunday at 7 am e.s.t., PineKONE Radio, 100.9 FM, Pine Mountain Club & Bakersfield, CA, Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:30 pm Pacific,  WYAP-FM in West Virginia (check schedule), Addicted To Music Radio in the UK, http://www.a2mradio.com, Tuesdays at 2 pm, KXCR-FM in Oregon, Tuesdays at 9 pm, and Wednesday at 7 am, KGIG-FM in Modesto, CA (check schedule), KONR-FM in Alaska, Tuesday at 1 pm, and Neopa Community Radio in Canton, OH (check schedule), and weekly at http://aircheck.us

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

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BROWN BIRD - Jingle Bells - The Brown Bird Christmas Album - Self


DECEMBERSONGS - I Won't Be Home For Christmas - An East Nashville Christmas - Self

ESTHER GOLTON - Wintered In - Stay Warm - Tiny Cabin

MARK BRINE - Winter Snow - The Carol And The True Legend Of Jack Frost - KJK

THE YELLOW ROOM GANG - Winter Dark - Happy New Day - Yellow Room


EMILY KURN - Light The Lamp (A Song For Hannukkah) - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel V2.0 - Yellow Tail

CHUCK BRODSKY - On Christmas I Got Nothing - Radio - Red House

SALLY FINGERETT - Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Talkin' Blues - Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel - Yellow Tail

STEVEN GELLMAN - Jewish Christmas - Songs Of Winter Cheer - Hidden Poet

ED SWEENEY & YANG WEI - O Come O Come Emmaneul - Ed Sweeney & Yang Wei - Self


DECEMBERSONGS - Dad's Drunk Again On Christmas - An East Nashville Christmas - Self

VANCE GILBERT - Holiday Employment - BaD Dog Buffet - Disismye

RANDALL KROMM - Christmas In The Clink - Holidays And Homecomings - Self

ROUGH SHOP - Merry Christmas Everyone - Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree - Self


LARRY SPARKS - Christmas Is Near - Christmas In The Hills - Rebel

BILL MONROE - Santa Claus - Bluegrass 1959-1969 (disc 3) - Bear Family

JOHN HARTFORD - On Christmas Eve - Me Oh My, How The Time Does Fly: A John Hartford Anthology - Flying Fish

NICKEL CREEK - Christmas Eve - A Dotted Line - Nonesuch


LEONARD COHEN - Winter Lady - Songs Of Leonard Cohen - Columbia

JACK HARDY - Winter Sunlight - Noir - Great Divide

MIKE LAUREANNO - Pushing Back Wintertime - Pushing Back Wintertime - University Studios

JONI MITCHELL - River - Blue - Reprise

(Weekly concert calendar over 'Waiting For Gordon' by Dana & Susan Robinson)

STUART KABAK - Cap'n Jack And The Cat Who Would Be Human - Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 9 - Hudson Harding

ERIK BALKEY & ANNIE DONAHUE - Everything Is Great - Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 6 - Hudson Harding

HANK WOJI - Yultide Blues - The Working Life - Kz

CRAIG WERTH - Beside The Tree - Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 5 - Hudson Harding


FOXFIRE - 12 Days Of Christmas - Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas - Pinecastle

JOSH WILLIAMS - My Christmas Dream - Christmas In The Smokies - Pinecastle

OPEN ROAD - Blue Christmas - O Christmas Tree - Rounder


ROUGH SHOP - Christmas Isn't Like Any Day - Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree - Self

MOIRA SMILEY & VOCO - Oh Winter - Laughter Out Of Tears - Whim

TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON - House Of Love - The Madness Of Happiness - Squirrel

PETER MAYER - The Houses Of Midwinter - Midwinter - Blue Boat


BRAD COLERICK - The Day After Christmas - Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 9 - Hudson Harding

TOM PRASADA-RAO - Whatever Your Name Is Now - Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 5 - Hudson Harding

PAT WICTOR - Sleep Through Christmas - Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 6 - Hudson Harding

RAY LAMBIASE - Christmas In Juarez - Twenty Lies (And Other Stories) - Ray Tone


GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Song For A Winter's Night - All Live - Warner Music Canada

RANT MAGGIE RANT - Flat Cap Reel/Boules et Guirlandes - Frost & Fire: A Celtic Christmas Celebration - Self

ROBERT SARAZIN BLAKE - Our Winter In New York - Robert Sarazin Blake - Same Room 


REILLY & MALONEY - California Winters - A Christmas Album - Pelican

MIKE MCGUIRE - The Streets Are Quiet On Christmas day - Beyond The Ark - Okolona

PEGGY SEEGER - Do You Believe In Me? - Everything Changes - Signet

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)

 email to: OutOfTheWoodsRadio@gmail.com

Promotional materials and music to:
Jon Colcord
10 Oriole Rd.
Concord, NH 03301


Out of the Woods is an independently-produced,
3 hour mostly acoustic music program heard
weekly on the following radio stations:

Boston Free Radio, Sundays 7 am e.s.t. 
The Global Voice, Sundays 5 pm e.s.t.
The Global Voice, Monday>Tuesday 1 am e.s.t.
Addicted To Music Radio, Tuesday 2 pm e.s.t.
PineKone Radio 100.9 FM, PMC, CA, Sundays and Wednesdays 8:30 pm p.s.t.
WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia (check schedule)
KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon, Tuesday 10 pm, Thursday, 7 am p.s.t.
KGIG 104.9 California (check schedule)
WSCS 90.9 FM New Hampshire, Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
KONR 106.1 FM Alaska, Tuesday 1 pm ak.s.t.
Neopa Community Radio Ohio (check schedule)
aircheck.us (weekly podcast)




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