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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Playlist 6/11/16

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic music produced in Concord, New Hampshire. The show airs weekly on the following national and international FM and online stations:
Boston Free Radio, Sundays 7 am e.s.t.
The Global Voice, Sundays 4 pm e.s.t., and
Monday>Tuesday 12 am e.s.t.
Homelands Radio, Tuesday 8 pm e.s.t.
Bumps Radio, Wednesday, 3 pm e.s.t.
Sword Radio UK, Thursday, 11 am e.s.t.
Shout Radio (check schedule)
WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia (check schedule)
WRAQ 92.7 FM New York (check schedule)
KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon, Tuesday 10 pm, Thursday, 7 am p.s.t.
KGIG 104.9 California (check schedule)
WSCS 90.9 FM New Hampshire, Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
WMNB 107.1 Massachusetts Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
KONR 106.1 FM Alaska, Tuesday 1 pm ak.s.t.
CJMP 90.1 FM British Columbia (check schedule)
Neopa Community Radio Ohio (check schedule)
PineKONE Radio, California (check schedule)

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

To listen to the archived version of the show online, go here:

For the syndicated version for broadcasters (split for local breaks), go here:


BELA FLECK with OLIVER WOOD - Help On The Way - Day Of The Dead - 4AD


CROWES PASTURE - Louisiana Charm - Crowes Pasture - Self

KAREN SAVOCA - The Way It Was - I Shook The Tree - Alcove

GIGI LOVE - Blueberry Kisses In Acadia - National Parks Centennial - Vast Horizons


MILLPOND MOON - Let It Grow - Broke In Brooklyn - Tikopia

THE LONELY HEARTSTRING BAND - Until I Cross That Line - Deep Waters - Rounder

IRENE KELLEY - Coal Train - These Hills - Mountain Fever

DANA & SUSAN ROBINSON - Going North - The Angel's Share - Threshold


JAIME MICHAELS - Circling Around - Once Upon A Different Time - Frumdahart

ANDRE WILLIAMS - Mississippi Sue - I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City - Bloodshot

JOEL ZOSS - Oh, Babe It Ain't No Lie - Lila - Catalan

(Beth Wood ID for Out of the Woods)

BETH WOOD - Long White Gown - Spring Tide - Self

KRIS DREVER - Don't Tell Me That (Human Nature) - If Wishes Were Horses - Reveal


ANA EGGE & THE SENTIMENTALS - Promises To Break - Say That Now - Grace/Parkinsong

CURTIS MCMURTRY - Bayonet - Polished Steel Sessions - Polished Steel

LEFT ARM TAN - High Pains Drifter - Lorene - Self

AUSTIN LUCAS - Wrong Side Of The Dream - Between The Moon & The Midwest - Last Chance


RICKEY WASSON - For Lovin' Me - Croweology: The Study Of J.D. Crowe's Musical Legacy - Truegrass Entertainment

LOU REID & CAROLINA - Roll On - Rollin' On - Self

VOLUME FIVE - I Am A Drifter - Drifter - Mountain Fever

BRYAN SUTTON - Walkin' Across This Land - The More I Learn - Sugar Hill

(Weekly concert calendar over 'Waiting For Gordon' by Dana & Susan Robinson)

THE SMALL GLORIES - Time Wanders On - Wonderous Traveler - Universal

BRIGHT STAR ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST - Asheville - Bright Star: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Ghostlight

LUKE BELL - Loretta - Luke Bell - Bill Hill

DEREK HOKE - Hey Joanna - Southern Moon - Little Hollywood


DANNY GREENBERG - This Too - Morning Song - Self

SERA CAHOON - Only As The Day Is Long - Only As The Day Is Long - Sub Pop


JON STICKLEY TRIO - Slopes - Lost At Last - Self

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Blue Men Of The Sahara - Telluride Sessions - MCA

ANA ALCAIDE - Diosa Luolaien - Leyenda - ARC Music


BRIAN ROSE - Porto Limon - Fast Folk Musical Magazine: A Tribute To Jack Hardy - Smithsonian Folkways

JACK HARDY - Silver Penny - Two Of Swords - 1-800 PRIME CD

MIKE LAUREANNO - Drink Deep (As You Grow Old) - Road Signs - University Studios


JACOB MILLER & THE BRIDGE CITY CROONERS - Trouble In Paradise - Pacific Ragtime - Self

SPOOK HANDY - Vote - Keep The Flame Alive - Akaskic

CF BAILEY & SHADOW RIDGE - Blue And Lonesome Too - Is This For Here Or To Go - Self

THE KEVIN PRATER BAND - Joanie - Walking Rails & Counting Ties - Self


MUSTARD'S RETREAT - Take The Children And Run - Single - Self

MARY GAUTHIER - Sorry You're Sick - Cold And Bitter Tears: The Songs Of Ted Hawkins - Eight 30

WILLIE MAY - Mona's Watching Eye - Blues Mona - Self

ROB HEATH - Lone Coyote - The Key - Self

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)
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Jon Colcord
10 Oriole Rd.
Concord, NH 03301


Out of the Woods is an independently-produced,
3 hour mostly acoustic music program currently heard
weekly on the following radio stations:
Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice,
Homelands Radio, Neopa Community Radio, PineKONE Radio,
Radio Tucker, Shout Radio, Sword Radio

For stations wishing to broadcast:

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