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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Playlist 6/10/17

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic roots music produced in Concord, New Hampshire.
The show airs weekly on the following national and international FM and online stations:
CJMP 90.1 FM British Columbia, Saturday 1pm p.s.t.KCHW 102.7 Washington,  Tuesday 9pm p.s.t.
KGIG 104.9 California (check schedule)
KONR 106.1 FM Alaska, Tuesday 1 pm ak.s.t.
KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon, Tuesday 10 pm, Thursday, 7 am p.s.t.
KVRZ  88.9 FM Montana, Wedness 9 pm p.s.t.WMNB 107.1 Massachusetts, Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
WRAQ 92.7 FM New York (check schedule)
WSCS 90.9 FM New Hampshire, Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
WXHR 103.5 FM Michigan (Sunday 1 pm)
WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia (check schedule)

Boston Free Radio, Sundays 7 am e.s.t.
Bumps Radio, Wednesday, 3 pm e.s.t.
The Global Voice, Sundays 4 pm e.s.t., and
Monday>Tuesday 12 am e.s.t.
Homelands Radio, Tuesday 8 pm e.s.t.
Neopa Community Radio Ohio (check schedule)
Sword Radio UK, Thursday, 11 am e.s.t.
Shout Radio (check schedule)

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

To listen to the archived version of the show online, go here:

For the syndicated version for broadcasters (split for local breaks), go here:


SARA PETITE - Sweet Pea Blues - Road Less Traveled - Self


THE STRAY BIRDS - Mississippi Pearl - Magic Fire - Yep Roc

RACHEL BAIMAN - Never Tire Of The Road - Shame - Free Dirt

QUILES & CLOUD - Feelin' Good - Shake Me Now - Compass

BILL SCORZARI - For When I Didn't See - Through These Waves - Self


ZEPHANIAH OHORA with the 18 WHEELERS - He Can Have Tomorrow (I'll Take Yesterday) - This Highway - MRI

LORETTA LYNN - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - Full Circle - Legacy

(Jim Gaudet ID for Out of the Woods)

JIM GAUDET & THE RAILROAD BOYS - Goin' On Downtown - When It Rains - Real Life

TIM O'BRIEN - Grandma's Hands - Where The River Meets The Road - Howdy Skies


RICK DROST - Seasons Search - Turning The World - Self

LORETTA HAGEN - Lucky Stars - Lucky Stars - Bearfort

MALCOLM HOLCOMB - We Struggle - Pretty Little Troubles - Gypsy Eyes

TOM RUSSELL - The Night The Chinese Restaurant Burned Down - Play One More: The Songs Of Ian & Sylvia - True North

AARON BURDETT - A Couple Broken Windows - Refuge - Organic


TARA DENTE - Sleep Well - The Gleaner - Travianna

LAUREN BARTH - Getting High (Is Getting Me Down) - Forager - Horton

THE PHIL HENRY ACOUSTIC TRIO - Old Joe's Chair - Phat Live - Self

JANIE BARNETT & BLUE ROOM - Face The Voodoo - You See This River - Minor Regrets


ALLISON PIERCE - Peace Like A River - Year Of The Rabbit - Masterworks

WORRY DOLLS - Train's Leaving - Go Get Gone - Bread and Butter

WILLIE NILE - I Want You - Positively Bob: Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan - River House

GERRY SPEHAR - Here In The Pass - I Hold Gravity - Self

(Weekly concert calendar over 'Waiting For Gordon' by Dana & Susan Robinson)

EDDY RAVEN with CAROLINA ROAD - I Should Have Called - All Grassed Up - Pinecastle

CEDAR HILL - Echo Mountain - By Request - Nickeltown

THE FARM HANDS - Sin City - Colors - Pinecastle

GRATEFUL DEAD - Mama Tried - Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY MAY 8 77 - Rhino


THE STEEL WHEELS - Heartbeat - Wild As We Came Here - Big Ring

GILLIAN WELCH - One More Dollar (alternate version) - Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg - Acony


SHAWN TAYLOR - Resolutions - Balance - Self

HILLFOLK NOIR - Might As Well Live Like A Hobo - Junkerpunch - Self

THE RESONANT ROGUES - Trever Bought A Horse - Hands In The Dirt - Self

GOGOL BORDELLO - Supertheory Of Supereverything - Super Tantra! - SideOneDummy

MAN ABOUT A HORSE - Electioneering - Man About A Horse - Self


ALASTAIR MOOCK - Make It Great - Alastair Moock - Moockshake

FRED GILLEN JR. - Prayer For America - What She Said - Dys

TIM GRIMM and the FAMILY BAND - Gonna Be Great - A Stranger In This Time - Cavalier

MICHAEL HOWARD - King Of Spades - Gasoline Dream - Self

MIKE LAUREANNO - Shine A Light On Washington - Tightrope - University Studios


CAROLINE COTTER - Bella Blue - Dreaming As I Do - Self

ZOE & CLOYD - Farewell To Fiunary - Eyes Brand New - Z&C

(Red Tail Ring ID for Out of the Woods)

RED TAIL RING - Sugarwine - I. Middlewest Chant - Earthwork

TAARKA - Athena - Fading Mystery - Self

MOLLY TUTTLE - Walden - Rise - Self

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)
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Jon Colcord
10 Oriole Rd.
Concord, NH 03301


Out of the Woods is an independently-produced,
3 hour mostly acoustic music program currently heard
weekly on the following radio stations:
Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice,
Homelands Radio, Neopa Community Radio, PineKONE Radio,
Radio Tucker, Shout Radio, Sword Radio

For stations wishing to broadcast:

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