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Friday, September 29, 2017

Playlist 9/30/17

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic roots music produced in Concord, New Hampshire.
The show airs weekly on the following national and international FM and online stations:
CJMP 90.1 FM British Columbia, Saturday 1pm p.s.t.KCHW 102.7 FM Washington,  Tuesday 9pm p.s.t.
KGIG 104.9 FM California (check schedule)
KPHD 93.3 FM California (check schedule)
KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon, Tuesday 10 pm, Thursday, 7 am p.s.t.
KVRZ  88.9 FM Montana, Wedness 9 pm p.s.t.WMNB 107.1 Massachusetts, Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
WNEC 91.7 FM New Hampshire (check schedule)
WNPA 102.5 FM Ohio (check schedule)
WRAQ 92.7 FM New York (check schedule)
WSCS 90.9 FM New Hampshire, Saturday 7pm e.s.t.
WXHR 103.5 FM Michigan (Sunday 1 pm)
WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia (check schedule)

Boston Free Radio, Sundays 7 am e.s.t.
Bumps Radio, Wednesday, 3 pm e.s.t.
The Global Voice, Sundays 4 pm e.s.t., and
Monday>Tuesday 12 am e.s.t.
Homelands Radio, Tuesday 8 pm e.s.t.
Sword Radio UK, Thursday, 11 am e.s.t.
Shout Radio (check schedule)

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

To listen to the archived version of the show online, go here:

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(This program originally aired in May of 2017)


RACHEL BAIMAN - Shame - Shame - Free Dirt


WORRY DOLLS - Don't Waste Your Heart On Me - Go Get Gone - Bread and Butter

TIFT MERRITT - Stitch Of The World (Acoustic) - Stitch Of The World (Deluxe Edition) - Yep Roc

LARISSA TANDY - Helpless (If I Was Around) - The Grip - Thalassophile

HER CROOKED HEART - Loving You - To Gentlemen - Sodak

ANDREA STRAY - You're The Kind - Into Blue



ROBT SARAZIN BLAKE - On The Corner Of Saturday Night - Live in studio

ROBT SARAZIN BLAKE - Own House, Own Guns - Live in studio

MIKE MERENDA - If You Could Hear Me Now - Live in studio

ROBT SARAZIN BLAKE - Single Women - Live in studio

MIKE MERENDA - Call Bullshit (edited after for radio) - Live in studio


ROBT SARAZIN BLAKE - Work - Live in studio

MIKE MERENDA - Lay Down Yr Mountain - Live in studio

ROBT SARAZIN BLAKE - Another New Year - Live in studio

MIKE MERENDA - Which Road Takes You Home - Live in studio

ROBT SARAZIN BLAKE - Goodbye To The Yukon - Live in studio

THE MAMMALS - Culture War - 2017 Singles - Humble Abode

<<<<<     >>>>>

(Weekly concert calendar over 'Waiting For Gordon' by Dana & Susan Robinson)

SARAH SHOOK & THE DISARMERS - Dwight Yoakam - Sidelong - Bloodshot

ZEPHANIAH OHORA WITH THE 18 WHEELERS - Take Your Love Out Of Town - This Highway - MRI

WILLIE NELSON - I Made A Mistake - God's Problem Child - Legacy

TERRY KLEIN - Dull Women Keep Immaculate Homes - Great Northern - Self


SKINNER & T'WITCH - The Election - Single - Self

KATEE KROSS - Rapid Waters - Don't Fade To Grey - Self

THE WATERBOYS - And A Band On The Ear - Fisherman's Blues - Chrysalis

ALLISON PIERCE - A Kiss Before You Go - Year of The Rabbit - Masterworks


HILLFOLK NOIR - Alone, Sitting On A Bench - Junkerpunch - Self

MAN ABOUT A HORSE - Frankford Junction - Man About A Horse - Self

MIKE MCGUIRE - California Mudslide - Back To Bakersfield - Okolona

ALASTAIR MOOCK - Dream - Alastair Moock - Self


HARPETH RISING - Early Riser - Against All Tides - Self

LAZARUS - Rise - Rock N Roll Heart - Self

LAUREN BARTH - Flood To The Drought - Forager - Horton

BRUCE SUDANO - Common Sense - 21st Century World - Purple Heart

AARON BURDETT - Rock And Roll - Refuge - Organic

TARA DENTE - Blind Pilot - The Gleaner - Mountain Fever

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service
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Concord, NH 03301


Out of the Woods is an independently-produced,
3 hour mostly acoustic music program currently heard
weekly on the following radio stations:
CJMP, KCHW, KGIG, KVRZ, KXCR, WMNB, WNEC, WNPA, WRAQ, WSCS, WYAP, WXHR, Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, Radio Tucker, Shout Radio, Sword Radio

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