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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Playlist 6/22/19


Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 3-hour program of mostly acoustic roots music produced in Concord, New Hampshire.
The show airs currently on the following national and international FM and online stations: 

CJMP 90.1 FM British Columbia, KALH 90.5 FM New Mexico, KBOG 97.9 FM Oregon, KCHW 102.7 FM Washington,  KGIG 104.9 FM California, KHOI 89.1 FM Iowa, KPHD 93.3 FM California,  KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon, KVRZ  88.9 FM Montana, WEJP 107.1 West Virginia, WGXC 90.7 FM New York,WLSL 92.7 FM, Florida, WMNB 107.1 Massachusetts, WNEC 91.7 FM New Hampshire, WOTR 96.3 FM West Virginia, WNPA 102.5 FM Ohio, WRAQ 92.7 FM New York, WRST Wisconsin,  WSCS 90.9 FM New Hampshire, WXDR 98.9 FM Louisiana, WXHR 103.5 FM Michigan, WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia, The Global Community Radio (stream service for radio stations), Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, Shout Radio, Sugar Country Radio, Sword Radio UK,  920 WON The Apple

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.
To listen to the full archived local broadcast version of the show online, go here:
For the syndicated version for broadcasters (split for your local breaks), go here:
(or contact me for downloadable link)


HACKENSAW BOYS | Late Night Kitchen | A Fireproof House Of Sunshine | Free Dirt


J WAGNER | Everbody Wants To Hide | A New Story | Self

LUKE SITAL-SINGH | The Last Day | A Golden State | Raygun

PETER MULVEY | To Your Joy | There Is Another World | Righteous Babe

MICHELLE LEWIS | Lay On My Pillow | All That's Left | Self

JOEL RAFAEL | Abraham, Martin And John | Rose Avenue | Inside


SUMAIA JACKSON | Halifax | Mobius Trip | Self

JULIAN LOIDA | Wallflower | Wallflower | Self

SUNNIVA BRYNNEL GROUP | Till Dig, Min Sang | The Letter | Self

MARY ANN KENNEDY | Oran don Clutha | Glaschu: Songs Of The Glasgow Gaidhealtachd | ARC


OLD LOST JOHN | Rainmaker | Seers And Weathermen | Self

JORMA KAUKONEN & TOM HOBSON | Another Man Done Gone | Quah | RCA

FLYIN' MICE | Baby Won't You Let Me Try | So Hi Drive | Dr. Lime

TERRY ROBB | Now Vestapol | Confessin' My Dues | Self

JORMA KAUKONEN | Happy Turtle Song | The Arts Center, Carrboro, NC 2/19/00 | Unreleased


JIM & LYNNA WOOLSEY | Somewhere Between Californ And Caroline | Long Ago | Bonfire

DAVID GRIER | Dead Flowers | Ways Of The World | Self

THE CADLEYS | Sever Year Blues | Duets And Ballads | Self

JIM GAUDET & THE RAILROAD BOYS | Railroad Boys | Reasons That I Run | Real Life


ALICE WALLACE | A Good Man Is Hard To Find | A Dixie Jane Baker Collection Featuring Alice Wallace | Song Syndicate

APRIL VERCH | You're Not Mine Anymore | Once A Day | Slab Town

LIZZY PLOTKIN | Lovin' Arms | We Will Sing | Self

IRENE KELLEY | Hills Of Home | Benny's TV Repair | Mountain Fever


ALEX DUNN | Wandering Through The Years | Scattered Poems | Self

BEN DE LA COUR | Face Down Penny | The High Cost Of Living Strange | Flour Sack Cape

SARA TRUNZO | Late Summer Bouquet | Dirigo Attitude | Self

RICHEY BELLINGER | Buckets Of Rain | The Well Is For Water | Self


LAURA STEVENSON | Low Slow | The Big Freeze | Don Giovanni

ANNA TIVEL | The Question | The Question | Fluff & Gravy

BRAD BYRD | Sunset Girl | Phases | Elusive Tiger


EL COYOTE | Satellite Lost | El Coyote | Self

CLAY PARKER AND JODIE JAMES | Down To The Garden | The Lonesomest Sound That Can Sound | Self

LUCY ISABEL | Little Bird | Rambling Stranger | Self

SILVER LAKE 66 | Hard Thing To Do | Ragged Heart | Saw Tooth Monkey


COCO O'CONNOR | South Of Santa Fe | This Ol' War | Satarah

RAIN PERRY | California I Love You | Let's Be Brave | Precipitous


ANDREW ADKINS | Echoes | Who I Am | Mountain Soul


ROUTE 358 | This Town Again | Only The River Knows | Self

VERANDA | You Can Run | Woodland Waltz | Pinkin' Party

RESONANT ROGUES | Zeus Faber | Autumn Of The World | Self


REVEREND FREAKCHILD | The Finish Line | Road Dog Dharma | Self

SON VOLT | The Reason | Union | Transmit Sound

BEN DICKEY | Sing That One To Me | A Glimmer On The Outskirts | Dualtone

THE SMALL GLORIES | You Can't Be High | Assiniboine & The Red | Compass

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)
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Out of the Woods is a Roots music program produced in Concord, New Hampshire.
It is currently heard weekly on the following radio stations:

CJMP, KALH KBOG, KCHW, KGIG, KHOI, KVRZ, KXCR, WEJP, WGXC, WLSL, WMNB, WNEC, WNPA, WOTR, WRAQ, WRST, WSCS, WYAP, WXDR, WXHR, Global Community Radio, Bluegrass Planet Radio, Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, Radio Tucker, Shout Radio, Sugar Country Radio, Sword Radio, and always streaming on the web page:


For stations wishing to broadcast:
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on twitter: @JonChipColcord
on Google Plus:  Jon Colcord - Google+

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