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Monday, July 5, 2021

Playlist 7/3/21



Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 2-hour program of Roots and Americana music produced in Concord, New Hampshire. I strongly urge those submitting music to be familiar with my format. This is not a folk show. A wide variety of music is played, which is why I urge people to be familiar before submitting materials.

The show airs currently on the following national and international FM and online stations: 

CJMP 90.1 FM, British Columbia, KALH 90.5 FM, New Mexico, KBOG 97.9 FM, Oregon, KCHW 102.7 FM, Washington,  KGIG 104.9 FM, California, KHOI 89.1 FM, Iowa, KPHD 93.3 FM, California,  KXCR 90.7 FM, Oregon, KVRZ  88.9 FM, Montana, WEJP 107.1 FM, West Virginia, WGXC 90.7 FM, New York, WHPW 97.3 FM, Maine, WLSL 92.7 FM, Florida, WMNB 107.1 Massachusetts, WNEC 91.7 FM New Hampshire, WNHN, 94.7 FM, New Hampshire, WOTR 96.3 FM, West Virginia, WNPA 102.5 FM, Ohio, WRAQ 92.7 FM, New York, WRST Wisconsin,  WSCS 90.9 FM, New Hampshire, WXDR 98.9 FM, Louisiana, WXHR 103.5 FM, Michigan, WYAP 101.7 FM, West Virginia, The Global Community Radio (stream service for radio stations), Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, Radio Djerdan, Shout Radio, Sugar Country Radio, Sword Radio UK,  920 WON The Apple

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

To listen to the full archived local broadcast version of the show online, go here:

For the syndicated version for broadcasters (split for your local breaks), go here:
(or contact me for downloadable link)


FRETLAND | One More Try | Could Have Loved You | Self


LAST BIRDS | Wedding Day | Last Birds | Self

JOHN PAYCHECK | Where Did Our Country Go | John Paycheck | HorseBite

KATIE JO | I Don't Know Where Your Heart's Been | Pawn Shop Queen | Fossil Water

ANGELA AUTUMN | Old Time Lovers | Frontiers Woman | Self

ESTHER ROSE | Keeps Me Running | How Many Time | Father/Daughter


RON ISRAEL | New Jerusalem | These Times | Self

ROBIN BIENEMANN | Hey Haikuer | Self

KISHI BASHI | Laughing With | Emigrant | Joyful Noise

THE MAMMALS | You Can Come To My House | Nonet | Humble Abode


RATBOYS | Down The River | Happy Birthday, Ratboy | Topshelf

BETH SNAPP | Something To Prove | Single | Self

SARAH MORRIS | Be With You | Single | AW

NICK HORNBUCKLE | 13 Or So | 13 Or So | Ruby's Slipper


COLE QUEST & THE CITY PICKERS | 7-11 / Foggy Mountain Rock | Self [En] Titled | Omnivore

GREGORY PAGE | A Crying Shame | One Hell Of A Memory | Interrabang

SON OF THE VELVET RAT | The Ferris Wheel | Solitary Company | Fluff and Gravy

ZACH SCHMIDT | Burn Out Easy | Raise A Banner | Boss Dawg


CURRENT JOYS | American Honey | Voyager |  Secretly Canadian

JUNE STAR | Straight | How We See It Now | WhistlePig

ANGEL OLSON | It's Every Season (Whole New Mess) | Song of the Lark & Other Far Memories | Jagjaguwar

ZOE SPEAKS | The Earth Has Had Enough | Wings | Redbird


JON LADEAU | Alone | Time Capsules | Self

JIM YEAGER | Bow My Head | Identity Crisis | Green Mountain

SHAY MARTIN LOVETTE | Never Felt So New | Scatter & Gather | Self


DARRYL PURPOSE | Gentle Arms Of Eden | Single | Gamblers Grace

DAVE RICHARDSON | And Maybe | Palms To Pines | Branch And Thorn

DAN CUNNINGHAM | Over Yonder | Simple Gifts | Self

HERMANOS GUTIERREZ | Esperanza | Single | Self

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)
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Promotional materials and music to:
Jon Colcord
10 Oriole Rd.
Concord, NH 03301

Out of the Woods is a Roots music program, and Music for the Mountain Bluegrass is a Bluegrass music program. Both are produced weekly in Concord, New Hampshire. One, or both can be heard globally on the following radio stations (check with stations for scheduled times):

CJMP, KALH KBOG, KCHW, KDUR, KFCE, KGFN, KGIG, KHOI, KIBH, KIOF, KKRN, KPHD, KRFP, KSVR, KVRZ, KXCR, WBDH, WDRT, WEJP, WGXC, WHPW, WLPP, WLSL, WMNB, WNEC, WNHN, WNPA, WOOL, WOTR, WRAQ, WRST, WSCS, WSLR, WTM, WYAP, WXDR, WXHR, WZNC, Global Community Radio, The Bluegrass Jamoree, Bluegrass Planet Radio, Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, North by South Radio, Radio Djerdan, Radio Tucker, Shout Radio, Southern Branch Bluegrass Radio, Sugar Country Radio, Sword Radio, WSSE Online, 920WON The Apple, and always streaming on the web pages:
twitter: @JonChipColcord

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