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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Playlist 3/12/22


Welcome to Out of the Woods, a 2-hour program of Roots and Americana music produced in Concord, New Hampshire. I strongly urge those submitting music to be familiar with my format. This is not a typical folk show. A wide variety of music is played, which is why I urge people to be familiar before submitting materials. Digital submissions are preferred. Music submitted goes through a blind review process. I will not visit websites to preview music, and emailed announcements must include direct download links.

This show airs currently on some of the following national and international FM and online stations: 

CJMP, British Columbia, KALH, New Mexico, KBOG, Oregon, KCHW, Washington, KDUR, Colorado, KFCE, Texas, KGFN, Nevada, KGIG, California, KHOI, Iowa, KIBH, Alaska ,KIDE, California, KIOF, Nevada, KKRN, California, KOCF, Oregon, KOPN, Missouri, KPHD, California, KRFP, Idaho, KSVR, Washington, KVRZ, Montana, KXCR, Oregon, KVRZ, Montana, WBDH, Virginia, WDRT, Wisconsin, WEJP, West Virginia, WGDR, Vermont, WGXC, New York, WHPW, Maine, WJEG, West Virginia, WLPP, New York, WLSL, Florida, WMNB, Massachusetts, WNEC, New Hampshire, WNHN, New Hampshire, WNPA, Ohio, WOOL, Vermont, WOTR, West Virginia, WPVM, North Carolina, WRAQ, New York, WRST Wisconsin,  WSCS, New Hampshire, WSLR, Florida, WWOV, West Virginia, WYAP, West Virginia, WXDR, Louisiana, WXHR, Michigan, WYAP, West Virginia, WZNC, New Hampshire, The Global Community Radio (stream service for radio stations), Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, Radio Djerdan, Shout Radio, Sugar Country Radio, Sword Radio UK,  920 WON The Apple

The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

To listen to the full archived local broadcast version of the show online, go here:

For the syndicated version for broadcasters (split for your local breaks), go here:
(or contact me for downloadable link)


THE HONEY DEWDROPS | Holy Hymn | Light Behind Light | Self


EDDIE BERMAN | Cherokee Rose | Broken English | Nettwerk

THE OTHER FAVORITES | Low Country | Unamericana | Self

DIANE PATERSON | Turn Toward The Sun | Satchel Of Songs | Self

SCOTT MARTIN | Roxham Road | Corner Of The World | Self

EAMONN FLYNN | Sack Em Ups | Anywhere But Home | Anam


ALICE DIMICELE | Alone | Every Seed We Plant | Alice Otter

CROSBY, STILLS & NASH | Guinevere | Crosby, Stills & Nash | Atlantic

CROSBY, STILLS & NASH | Helplessly Hoping | Crosby, Stills & Nash | Atlantic

SYML | Sweet Home | Single | Nettwerk


ENTOURAGE MUSIC AND THEATER ENSEMBLE | Soft Fist-Cleopatra Music-Harbinger | The Mermaid's Purse: Live At Chatham College, 1976 | Smithsonian Folkways


DEIRDRE MURPHY | Hands Down | Single | Self

THE WILDER BLUE | The Kingsnake & The Rattler | The Wilder Blue | Soundy

TOWNES VAN ZANDT | Snake Mountain Blues | A Far Cry From Dead | Arista

COWBOY JUNKIES | No Expectations | Songs Of The Recollection | Proper


JEFFERSON ROSS | Baptize The Gumbo | Southern Currency | Self

KELLY PARDEKOOPER | Someday Someone | Autumn | Self

BEN AULD | You're A Ghost | Lemongrass | Earth Libraries

SAM WEBER | Don't Cry For Me | Get Free | Sonic Unyon


BROWN BIRD | Bilgewater | Salt For Salt | Supply & Demand

DANA SIPOS | Hoodoo | The Astral Plane | Roaring Girl/Fontana North

RAYE ZARAGOZA | Into The Wild | Into The Wild | Rebel River

THE DEAD SOUTH | In Hell I'll Be In Good Company | Good Company | Six Shooter

BROWN BIRD | Fingers To The Bone | Salt For Salt | Supply & Demand

(Outro over 'Happy Trails' by Quicksilver Messenger Service)
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Promotional materials and music to:
Jon Colcord
10 Oriole Rd.
Concord, NH 03301

Out of the Woods is a Roots music program, and Music for the Mountain Bluegrass is a Bluegrass music program. Both are produced weekly in Concord, New Hampshire. One, or both can be heard globally on the following radio stations (check with stations for scheduled times):

CJMP, KALH KBOG, KCHW, KDUR, KFCE, KGFN, KGIG, KHOI, KIBH, KIDE, KIOF, KKRN, KOCF, KOPN, KPHD, KRFP, KSVR, KVRZ, KXCR, WBDH, WDRT, WEJP, WGDR, WGXC, WHPW, WJEG, WLPP, WLSL, WMNB, WNEC, WNHN, WNPA, WOOL, WOTR, WPVM, WRAQ, WRST, WSCS, WSLR, WTM, WWOV, WYAP, WXDR, WXHR, WZNC, Global Community Radio, The Bluegrass Jamoree, Bluegrass Planet Radio, Boston Free Radio, Bumps Radio, The Global Voice, Homelands Radio, North by South Radio, Radio Djerdan, Radio Tucker, Shout Radio, Southern Branch Bluegrass Radio, Sugar Country Radio, Sword Radio, WSSE Online, 920WON The Apple, and always streaming on the web pages:
twitter: @JonChipColcord

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