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Friday, September 7, 2012

Playlist 9/7/12

Welcome to Out of the Woods, a (normally) 3-hour program of mostly acoustic music which airs every Friday from 6 to 9 pm e.s.t. locally, and is syndicated on The Global Voice, a station run primarily by blind program hosts, and aimed at bringing together the blind and sighted communities, - Sundays at 5 pm e.s.t.,  repeating at 11 pm on Mondays), and also early Sunday mornings on BOB-FM,, at 6 am e.s.t., and on Boston Free Radio,, at 7 am e.s.t. The show can also be heard anytime by visiting the archives.

Well, an extremely abbreviated Out of the Woods tonight.  We lost power right in the middle of our interview/performance with my old friend Linda Sharar, and unfortunately we could not get back on the air.  The building went to generator power, but the phone system would not pick up our call in order to get the transmitter back up.  Typically, when I cannot do the show live, I record it instead in the home studio.  I had planned to run home and finish it there.  I thought Linda's portion of the show was recorded and safe, but evidently the surge corrupted my recording. Since it was too late to record the whole thing again for my syndicated outlets, they will all be airing older programs this week.  Hopefully Linda and I can start over again at a future date, even if I need to hit the road to record with her.  Well, this is the extent of it.  The live music was spectacular.  I only wish I could hear it recorded. Well, at least there are photos posted on the facebook pages...  Here is what the locals got to hear:


EVIE LADIN BAND - 5 Below - Evie Ladin Band - Evil Diane Records


AMANDA SHIRES - I Kept Watch Like Doves - West Cross Timbers - Self

BROWN BIRD - Ragged Old Town - The Sound Of Ghosts - Supply and Demand Music

DAVE DERSHAM - Flying Cars - Gilding The Lilies - Constant Clip

STEVE QUELET - Home For Dinner - Dance Of The Robots - Self

JACK HARDY - Murder - The Mirror Of My Madness - Great Divide

>>>>>>>>>> LINDA SHARAR LIVE IN STUDIO <<<<<<<<<

LINDA SHARAR - A Little Will Do - Live in studio

LINDA SHARAR - Everyday - Live in studio

LINDA SHARAR - Carriage Horse - Live in studio

LINDA SHARAR - Ninety-Nine Years - Any Second Street - Self

(the end - insert static here)

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